La Barra Milonguera

Tango Holiday with 4 Milonguero Masters: 

Monica Maria Fumagalli & Yatma Diallo AND Carlos Alberti  & Claudia Jakobsen

 8-15  May        Kas, Turkey

A small-scale tango event with a limited number of participants to improve your social tango dancing significantly and to have a great holiday in the middle of the Mediterranean beauties.
As a close embrace lover, you will have a great pleasure to join us for this exceptional tango holiday in the charming boutique hotel club Barbarossa, situated directly on the Mediterranean Sea, with:
  • a unique collaboration of four internationally renowned milonguero masters, who will provide one tango improvement program to level up your dancing, deepen your knowledge of social dancing tradition, and enrich your social dancer skills;
  • the relaxing atmosphere and enough time for personal encounters and possibilities to get really in contact with each other;
  • 10 hours workshops and Body2Body Work: 2 private classes, included in the package;
  • lectures, practicas, and milonga’s;
  • dancing under the stars on the terrace with a wooden floor overlooking the sea and the mountains;
  • plenty of time to enjoy the sunbath, swimming and relaxing at the sea platform with private lodges, or exploring the beautiful surroundings;
  • yoga classes and massages;
  • Spa/Wellness/Hamam;
  • amazing turquoise and aquamarine hues of Kas waters with its crystal clarity;
  • delicious food;
  • friendly prices…


La Barra Milonguera will take place in a charming boutique club hotel Barbarossa, situated directly on the Mediterranean Sea, in Kas. This place oozes thousands years of history. There is no mass, ‘all-in’ – tourism here, so you can experience an authentic Turkish ambience, enjoy the Mediterranean beauty while  you fill yourself with the gentle sun,  warm sea, delicious food and lots of Tango.
It’s the place for sea, sun and nature lovers, where the mountains embrace the sea, where jasmine kisses with ivy roses.
The hotel has a wide range of rooms with sea view and a private beach with wooden lodges. The hotel is situated in southwestern Turkey, on the Cukurbag Peninsula nearby Kas.

OUR PACKAGE includes:

– accommodation in single or double room (all rooms with sea view)
– good breakfast and dinner buffet with local organic products
– 6 groups workshops
– 2 private classes
– 6 yoga classes
– dance evenings and practicas
– 2 open tango festa’s with invited tango friends from the area

Monica Maria Fumagalli (Italy) 
has been studying classical and contemporary dance for years and since 1990 she has dedicated herself to tango. She dances it for years on stage, also participating in various television broadcasts in Europe, the United States, Argentina and Cuba, but her passion remains is social tango, that enveloping embrace with which to move on the dance floors of the whole world. She studies with different masters and almost unknown milongueros with whom she continues to collaborate professionally later on. Since then, she has never stopped teaching this dance in many countries around the world.
At the same time, she graduated in Latin American language and literature at the University of Milan with a research on Jorge Luis Borges and the tango. In addition to her activity as a dancer and dance teacher, she holds conferences and workshops in Italy and in many European countries, in Argentina and in Cuba, invited by Universities and Cultural Associations. She publishes several books, some of which have been translated into Spanish, English and French.
Yatma Diallo
was born in Senegal, has lived in Italy for over twenty years. His first dance experiences in Dakar, belong to the world of salsa and hip hop, disciplines that he continued to cultivate for many years in Europe as well.
In tango, after the first study experiences in Europe with Monica Maria Fumagalli, current partner, with Susana Miller, Ana Schapira, Jorge Firpo and many others, he spent a period in Buenos Aires to deepen his studies, reaching, in a few years, interesting
professional awards.
In 2019 he distinguished himself at the Milan Metropolitan Championships (Lombard selection for the World Cup) as the only dancer competing to get on the podium in all dance categories: tango, vals and milonga. In 2021 he was second in the Italian Metropolitan Championship, category: International Milonga.
In 2013 he obtained the CONI diploma of couple dance teacher.
Together with Monica Maria, he carries out an intense didactic activity with a permanent school in Milan, workshops in different towns of Italy, Europe, USA and Africa. Since 2014 he has been president of the ASD “Mundo Milonguero”
Claudia Jakobsen (Argentina)
is a dancer, teacher, and choreographer of ballet, modern dance, and Argentine Tango. Claudia belongs to that selected group of people who possesses a special talent—an asset that is complemented by her personal integrity as well as by her warm and friendly personality. Both her technical knowledge and teaching experience derived from other dances have elevated the woman’s role in tango, creating a distinctive style that is followed by many women around the world these days. It is through dancers of her talent that such
role has acquired considerable importance, opening new possibilities to improvisation and dancing technique.
Claudia’s milonguero experience comes from dancing with milongueros since the moment she started danced tango. At that moment there wasn’t a name as milonguero style. Later when she started dancing more and working with Carlos Alberti made her aware of the differences between tango milonguero, tango salon and the modern tango. With her technical knowledge about the body movement and awareness of it, understanding the differences between styles has been simple and challenging at the same time. And these keeps her constantly interested, curious, creative, amazed and happy.
Partners she worked with: Mariano “Chicho” Frumboli, Fabian Salas, Ezequiel Paludi, Guillermo Fillipi, Alejandro Sanguinetti, Germano Scaperrotta, Esteban Moreno, El Pájaro, Calros Alberti, Oscar Casas, Luis Rojas…
Carlos Alberti
left his home country Argentina in the years 90 to Amsterdam to continue his study at the film academy there. He took the Argentinian Tango as a precious heritage in his luggage. In 1997 he started giving tango lessons in Amsterdam. Carlos has been teaching for over 25 years internationally. His love and dedication fot the classic milonguero approach has earned him great esteem among his European collegues, thanks mainly to his technical clarity, excellent knowledge of the cultural background of the dance and stimulating collaborations. He is a teacher’s teacher, who has also produced several generations of happy social dancers. Carlos is a milonguero dancer pur sang. He travels back to Buenos Aires every year to be inspired, to develop and follow the latest trends in the milonga’s.

8:00 – 9:00 Yoga
8:00 – 10:30 Breakfast
11:00 – 12:30 Workshop 
12:30 – 13:30 Practica space
13:30 – 18:00 Private classes/ Free time 
18:00 – 20:00 Dinner
21:00 – 24:00 Dance evening /  Milonga
More details follow
Double Room – € 760 pp
Surcharge Single Room – € 105
You can fly to Antalya (250 km) or Dalaman (150 km) International Airports. We organise transfer from and to the airport. 
You can check Skyscanner for your cheap and direct flight
Please register (only with a dance partner!)  to reserve your spot. The number of participants is limited.
Looking forward to a relaxed week of tango, see and sun with you!
Natalia, Monica,Yatma, Carlos, Claudia