Nirvana special guests

Monica Maria Fumagalli & Yatma Diallo, Carlos Alberti and more….

Our special Nirvana guests:

This amazing dance pair, the founders of Mundo Milonguero ASD will share  their passion, love and expertise in Milonguero style and provide a few workshops for enriching our social dancers’ skills. Monica Maria is a passionate tango artist, dancer, performer, choreographer, writer and teacher, who devoted herself to an in depth study of not only tango dance, but also tango’s history and anthropology.
At Tango Nirvana, she will present her recent book  Blackness and tango. A story of love hidden in the notes’. Together with Yatma Diallo, they carry out an intense didactic activity with a permanent school in Milan, workshops in different towns of Italy, Europe, USA and Africa.
  • Carlos Alberti (Argentina, Netherlands)
Is a teacher’s teacher; who has also produced several generations of happy social dancers. He  has been teaching for over 25 years internationally. His love and dedication to the classic milonguero approach has earned him great esteem among his European colleagues, thanks mainly to his technical clarity, excellent knowledge of the cultural background of the dance, and stimulating collaborations. He will provide a workshop especially designed for the Tango Nirvana event. This workshop is to get more creative and gain more confidence with the social códigos of tango though a combination of theory and practice.
Is a coach and psychotherapist. He is an absolute expert in meditation and consciousness development with 40 years of study and experience in his profession. Especially for Nirvana guests he will provide Open Focus Meditation in Movement sessions.
  • Penny de Haan

Is a professional dancer and yoga teacher. She will provide the yoga sessions developed especially for tango dancers.

  • Marya Oganesova

Is an experienced massage master, yoga and Pilates instructor. She will offer with special nirvana discount the Female Body massage sessions (Sorry gents! This is only for the ladies), which will help relax and restore the nervous system. Her sessions include the following techniques: deep tissue massage, aromatherapy and lymphatic drainage massage. Marya will also provide morning streching sessions using the elements of  yin yoga and pilates. 

  • Ireen van der Zeeuw

She will offer with special Nirvana discount the Gentle Feet massage sessions and Head/Neck and Shoulders massages.

Check Nirvana Program for workshops scheduled.